Honeymoon Bliss

It’s been a few weeks since our wedding and honeymoon adventures but we are definitely still soaking up all the honeymoon bliss! Our story is a little bit crazy because our original Puerto Rican honeymoon that we had planned for over a year was suddenly threatened by Hurricane Irma. So we cancelled our trip the night before and flew down to Key West, FL. Little did we know, Irma would make its way towards us and keep us moving north with the rest of the Florida state until we finally made it safely to North Carolina by the end of our honeymoon.

If you know anything about me you would know that I am an obsessive planner and organizer. If things don’t go the way I planned (especially my honeymoon) then it really throws me off. So you can imagine the stress I was feeling the night before our honeymoon as well as the whole trip. I had strategically planned out every day of our Puerto Rico honeymoon and the destination change 6 hours before our flight was set to depart left me with no time to plan out a new itinerary. I’m sure my brand new husband was wondering what he got himself into during this whole fiasco.

Anyways, we ended up seeing a good chunk of the east coast on our mission to avoid Hurricane Irma. We spent one day in Key West, Orlando, Savannah, Myrtle Beach, and Wilmington before flying out from Charlotte, North Carolina. This actually ended up being a great story to tell and we had a lot of fun exploring a new city every day!

So here is each city broken down and our recommendations:

Key Wes, FL: First of all, the drive to Key West was an adventure in itself. The entire drive from the Florida mainland down to the Keys is filled with beautiful ocean views and quaint little towns (check out all of the overly creative and adorable mailboxes on your way down!). If it’s your first time visiting the Florida Keys (it was our first time) I would recommend stopping by the very first Visitors Center you come across once you enter Key Largo (on the right hand side). The workers were some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met and one of the workers was even kind enough to give us his cell phone number in case we had trouble navigating the island or were looking for more things to do. They gave us insight on all there is to do. Trust me, I did all my research about what there is to do in the Keys but they were able to get us discounts and recommendations you couldn’t find online. They ended up giving us a great deal on a local hotel (which we ended up not staying at due to the hurricane evacuation) and also booked us a snorkeling excursion through Fury Key West. We did the Rum and Reggae Sunset Snorkel package, which was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. If you’re a bit hesitant to get in the waters that’s perfectly fine! On this trip, snorkeling is optional. You can get in and out of the water whenever you please. If you prefer to stay on the boat, they have an open bar and music to keep you entertained. HIGHLY recommend this company and this specific excursion. Plus, sailing during the sunset was the perfect way to begin a romantic honeymoon. And if you’ve never been to Key West, be ready to encounter wild chickens and cats that seem to take over the entire island!

Orlando, FL: Of course, when we made it to Orlando we decided to spend the day at the happiest place on Earth, Disneyworld! Ever since I was a little girl I always thought the Disney parks were such a magical place and I dreamed of sharing the experience with my significant other one day. We got the 1-day park hopper pass that allowed us admission into Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. We were able to hit three of those parks. One of the things we really wanted to do was visit the brand new Pandora (for all my Avatar fans out there) theme park located in Animal Kingdom. It was amazing and better than anything I could’ve imagined. However, since it was so new the wait time for the rides were over an hour and half long.  So we opted to just do one. We ended the day with our inner kid-selves completely satisfied.

Savannah, GA: I was really excited to visit Savannah, GA (mainly because I’ve been connecting it with my name my entire life). Arriving in Savannah feels like something out of a fairytale. The trees and historical buildings make you feel like you’re in a movie. First, we started our exploration by attempting to find food. By this point in our honeymoon, the hurricane had caused some pretty intense commotion among these southern states and most businesses had closed down for the weekend. However, we came across a fun and festive tex mex restaurant called Tijuana Flats. The food was average (although Nathan claims it was the best burrito he’s had), but the best part was the outgoing staff and raunchy yet lighthearted decor (see photo below). We also had dinner at Savannah Seafood Shack, where we tried the low country boil. It was AMAZING! We don’t have anything like it up in the Midwest so this is going to be added to the list of must-try restaurants. Since we got to Savannah so late in the day many of the historical museums and tours that I so badly wanted to visit were just closing down for the night. So we decided to just take a walk through Forsyth Park, which is just breathtaking. Every single local we talked to recommended we stop at Leopold’s ice cream and if we didn’t then we’d be losing out on the whole Savannah, GA experience. Of course, Leopold’s was closed down for the weekend as well so we will be saving that for our next adventure there.

Myrtle Beach: I’ve always wanted to visit Myrtle Beach so of course we made it a must-stay destination on our impromptu honeymoon. We opted for the beachfront DoubleTree hotel which turned out to be one of our better ideas on this trip. We had dinner at Simply Southern, an authentic southern buffet full of fried chicken, grits, mashed potatoes, and any comfort food you can imagine. While the food was good, we ended up enjoying the staff and atmosphere of the restaurant more than anything. One of our favorite memories of the trip was getting to hear a local church choir belting worship songs while we enjoyed our meal. We spent the rest of the day lounging on the beach, playing mini golf at one of the hundreds of mini golf courses in the city, and then sipping on drinks while watching the stars and listening to the crashing waves from the comfort of the hotel patio. It really was a perfect and romantic way to spend the last night of our honeymoon. 

Wilmington, NC: When I realized that we would have to eventually end up driving all the way north to North Carolina to avoid the evacuations I automatically penned Wilmington into our itinerary. I am a HUGE One Tree Hill fan and much to Nathan’s dismay we decided to make Wilmington our last stop before our flight out of Charlotte. Of course, the first stop I wanted to make was to the River Walk (downtown Wilmington) where my favorite TV couple, Nathan and Haley, had their first iconic scene together. I really do have to applaud Nathan for being such a trooper and happily posing and taking pictures wherever I asked him to. It was surreal being able to tour the very town that I grew up watching on TV. We also made some stops to different homes featured in the show, and if you’re as big of a fan as I am you’ll be able to recognize which houses belonged to which characters. On our tour of homes we did encounter some of the people that actually lived in the homes, who reassured us that it was ok if we wanted to get a photo in front of their home because ‘it happens all the time’. We also stopped into Poodle’s Island Wear gift shop that houses tons of OTH apparel and I just needed to own my very own ‘Clothes Over Bros’ baseball cap! Even if you’re not big into One Tree Hill, Wilmington is such a gorgeous town to spend time in. Nathan loved the atmosphere and even wished we would’ve spent a night there just to explore what the rest of the city has to offer.

So that was our crazy honeymoon adventure! Although nothing turned out as planned, we ended up getting the vacation of a lifetime and got to see a whole lot more than we were planning. It was memorable and we now have a fun story to tell everyone! It really didn’t matter where we were or what we were doing. I was just happy to be able to spend some time alone with my brand new husband and cherish this beautiful marriage that we’d just established.

I also recommend this exact same itinerary for anyone looking for a fun, on-the-go vacation. If you start in Key West and head north to North Carolina you’re bound to make some amazing memories meeting the locals, visiting historic sites, and crossing off bucket list items. If you’ve visited any of these spots and have any recommendations let me know! We are hoping to revisit these places and be able to spend more time enjoying things that we’ve missed.




You Wear What You Eat 

I’m not really sure when it became a thing to wear fruit but I’m actually loving this new trend! It makes a statement with its bold colors and patterns. 

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on this lemon patterned dress that I scored at H&M! I love that the fit is so flattering and you can dress it up or down depending on the shoes and accessories you pair it with. I also love the price! I was able to snag this piece for under $10! 

I probably won’t be rocking avacado leggings anytime soon. But as for this lemon dress I am completely sold! 

Let me know what you think about this new trend! 



Back to the Basics

Since I’m just starting up this blog I think I should begin with the basics: wardrobe essentials.

These wardrobe essentials are quick fixes to any outfit that needs a finishing touch. Or on your lazy days (ahem, Mondays) you can piece them all together to create a laid back and easy style.

  1. Plain white t-shirt: And stock up! I can’t even count how many plain white t-shirts I’ve owned in my lifetime. Plain white t-shirts have a reputation for never staying bright white for too long, so I wouldn’t necessarily splurge on this particular wardrobe essential. Also, try and mix things up. Buy multiple t-shirts in different necklines (v-neck, scoop necks, etc.) and fits (baggy or tight fitting). I highly recommend checking out H&M’s ‘Basics’ section where you can mix and match basic tees and tanks for 2 for $10.
  2. Jean jacket: My jean jackets have been a lifesaver when I piece together an outfit but want to dress it down a bit and create a more casual look. And I truly believe that jean jackets will never go out of style because there are so many different ways to wear them (even the denim on denim look is coming back!). Pair them with a cute dress for a casual dinner date or rock your jean jacket with black skinnies and combat boots for a last-minute concert outfit (yes, spontaneous concert ticket splurges come up more frequently than you’d think).
  3. Little black dress: This one is pretty self-explanatory. LBDs have been a closet staple since forever. Why? Because black is everyone’s color. It’s definitely go-to when you’ve completely run out of options, time, or patience. Dress it up with a pair of pumps and diamond earrings or dress it down with flats and a cute cardigan. This piece works for literally any occasion. Need I say more?
  4. Statement accessories: Do you ever have those days when you want to look put together but all you want to wear is a t-shirt and jeans? This is where statement accessories come into play. Whether it’s a bulky necklace or colorful earrings you’ll give the illusion that you didn’t actually press snooze on your alarm 10 times and woke up with 5 minutes left to get ready.
  5. Black dress pants: For those job interviews where you question what kind of look is appropriate. You can never go wrong with black dress pants and cute flats.
  6. A good pair of jeans: Skinny jeans are ‘in’ right now but that shouldn’t stop you from rocking some flared or boot-cut jeans to  mix it up. As long as you feel great in them (and they make your butt look good) then that’s all that matters. This is one staple wardrobe piece that I would definitely splurge on. Because a good pair of jeans will last you years and save your butt (literally) from the squats that you were supposed to be doing every night but instead ended up binge watching your recent Netflix find.
  7. Ballet flats: I’ve already mentioned how these staple wardrobe pieces can pull an entire outfit together. They work for almost any occasion and you can create so many different looks with them. I might even dedicate an entire blog post about all of the different looks you can put together with a good pair of flats!
  8. Chic sunglasses: I think you can probably catch on to how hard it can be for me to get dressed in the mornings. But nothing does more wonders than a pair of chic sunglasses. If you’re anything like me, some days you just can’t match the wings of your eyeliner or your outfit is feeling a bit bland. Sunglasses make all of those problems disappear. If you’re nothing like me and your outfits are always on point and your make up is always even then a good pair of sunglasses will only enhance your already perfect look!
  9. Sneakers: Comfy and cute. Sneakers are my all time favorite. Mainly because they allow me to walk more than 10 steps without my feet hurting and they add a sense of casual-cute to my look. If you’re looking for recommendations on where to get a cute pair of sneakers check out my last post ‘Pastel As Well’ for a great steal!
  10. Pumps: I’ll be honest. Unlike most people I wasn’t genetically blessed with normal sized feet. Most of the time my feet are too small to fit into any cute heels or pumps (I’m a size 5 on a good day). But what I love about pumps is that you can wear them with jeans or a little black dress and you automatically look stunning and sophisticated. I’ve never seen a shoe that makes as big of a statement as pumps do!

So there you have it. Here are all of my wardrobe essentials that I believe can save you from having to constantly ask, “What should I wear today?” You could probably live off of these 10 items and create a new look for each day of the week if you wanted to.

Thanks for reading and let me know what your wardrobe essentials are!



Chic Tees 

Most people that know me know that I used to never want to be caught in a t-shirt but lately they’ve been forcing themselves on me with their cute designs and flattering cuts.

What I’m really excited about this week are my new tees from Sassy Queen. They’re comfy, cute, and give off just the right amount of attitude. I’m always really hesitant to rock tops with wording or sayings but these tees are everything a fashionista needs in her closet. The thing I  love most about Sassy Queen is that their tops can be worn in different ways. Wear it casually with jeans and wedges or dress it up with pearls and pumps (which is hard to pull off with most t-shirts!).

If you’re looking for the perfect versatile piece to add to your closet check out some more of Sassy Queen’s tees here!



Crazy for Kimonos

It’s no secret that the summer heat in Minnesota can get just as bad as desert weather. Let’s be honest, on days that are hot and humid you might just want to dress to keep yourself cool rather than dressing to look good. But why should you have to pick one or the other?

This week I opted for my most recent find, a cute and breezy kimono that I found for under $15 at TJ Maxx. I absolutely love it! The best thing about kimonos is how many outfits you can wear it with. Pair it with a basic t-shirt and jeans or wear it as a swim suit cover up. It adds an instant pop of color! Plus it flows beautifully and dramatically whenever you walk, which just adds more to any signature hair flip (see below).


Las Vegas For the Faint-Hearted

I don’t want to make it sound as if Nathan and I are the lamest 20 something year-olds to have ever walked the Vegas streets but we do have a more low key lifestyle. And when one thinks of a 22 year-year old in Vegas I assume they picture nothing but non-stop pool parties and nightclubs. Don’t get me wrong! I love to go out for a few drinks once in a while (and of course where better to do that than in Vegas?!) but Nathan and I had plenty of fun just exploring the tamer side of ‘Sin City’.

We started our days there around 10am, a time that some people don’t realize exists in Vegas. We headed out first thing in the morning and spent the majority of our day on foot (we had walked roughly 20 miles within the two days of being there). So here is my list of must-do’s for those of you brave enough to venture out and into the heat of daytime.

  1. Welcome to Las Vegas sign– of course it’s cliche but no one really believes that you’ve visited Vegas if you haven’t taken a photo in front of this monumental sign! We got an insider tip from one of our Uber drivers that it is definitely more romantic to grab a photo with your significant other in front of the sign at night. Most cameras are unable to capture the bright lights correctly while keeping you (the subject) in good lighting as well. But if you tip one of the volunteer photographers/assistants at the site they have a special camera that’s able to capture you and the sign very well. They’ll even send it to you for free!
  2. Wicked Spoon Buffet– This buffet is to die for! Located towards the back of the Cosmopolitan, it boasts a variety of foods from sushi and pho to tacos and a huge dessert bar (including a gelato bar!). There’s something for everyone and you really get your money’s worth here. Nathan and I ate here for lunch since the brunch prices are slightly more reasonable. It was so filling that we didn’t eat another full meal until lunch the next day! Insider tip: get to the buffet 30 minutes before the dinner buffet starts and pay the lunch price. Halfway through your meal the chefs will start switching over to the dinner menu so technically you get the dinner buffet for the lunch prices!
  3. Nightclubs- Like I stated before, Nathan and I kept our vacay low key and quiet. We didn’t hit any nightclubs. But apparently we appear to be frequent party-goers since we had nightclub reps following us around the entire trip. So although we didn’t attempt the typical Vegas lifestyle I just thought I’d leave a quick tip for those that do want to. Never pay a cover fee for nightclubs! They charge a ridiculous amount and you’ll want to save your money for the drinks that I’ve heard are an even more ridiculous amount of money. If there is a big event going on that night there will be nightclub reps outside the venue whose job is to get people on the list and most of the time they offer a free cover charge. They’re more likely to approach you if you have more girls in your group or if it’s a weeknight and not quite as busy.
  4. Hotel hop- Nathan and I started our first day off at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign (south of Mandalay Bay) and walked all the way to the north end of the strip. We made it a point to stop into each hotel on the way up. This took us about 8 hours but the sore feet and heat exhaustion were worth it. Each hotel has a different theme and something fun to do. My favorite was New York New York, which is made to look like you’re walking through Time Square. The Shoppes at the LINQ is very lively and romantic to walk through at night as well!
  5. The High Roller Observation Wheel- We decided to go for a ride and watch the Vegas nightlife from the top of this observation wheel. I’m a sucker for tourist activities like this but this one didn’t impress me quite as much as I’d hoped. The observation wheel doesn’t give you the full effect of Vegas at night since it’s located slightly off the strip and behind The LINQ hotel and the whole strip isn’t visible even from the top. Of course, it’s something people should do at least once but next time around I would much rather admire the people and the lights on a double decker bus ride through the middle of the strip.

So that is my ‘down and dirty’ review of Las Vegas. Overall, we absolutely loved it and even have our itineraries ready for our next trip there (which include a Vegas show headliner and zip lining down Fremont Street). There’s something for everyone to enjoy (even for a pair of 20-something year olds that don’t care for the hectic nightlife or even for families with young kids which there were surprisingly a lot of).

And since this is technically a fashion blog here is my packing recommendations for surviving the Vegas heat in style: Rompers, rompers, rompers. They’re easy, breezy, and beautiful! Also, don’t bother with heels unless you’re going out to bars and nightclubs a majority of the time. Instead, pack the cute and comfy sandals that you’re ok with putting a few miles on.

Well, that’s it, loves! Enjoy Vegas, have a fabulous time, and send me your recommendations!



Pastel As Well

If you don’t know much about me then I’ll be the first to tell you that Mall of America has been my second home since I was in elementary school. I grew up spending most of my weekends there on the rides at Camp Snoopy (which, much to my dismay, is now called Nickelodeon Universe). Nowadays Mall of America is the place where I go if I’m looking to add few more key pieces to my wardrobe at home (thank you Minnesota for your tax-free clothing).

This week I left the mall jumping with joy because of the fabulous deal I found at Forever21. Recently they’ve established a section in the store that’s dedicated to clothing items under $10. You can literally piece an entire outfit together for $30.  I was especially ecstatic when I managed to discover an entire wall of shoes for $5. It took everything in me (and a few reminders that I have a wedding coming up) to not buy every single pair.

So… here are my hunting trophies for the week!

Let me know what deals you’re going crazy about this week!