SHEIN: An Online Shopping Review

I was never really one to try online shopping mainly because I’m the kind of person that needs to try on everything before I buy it. Even if it’s just a plain cami. So I was a little skeptical giving any online shops a try. BUT I am so glad I did because I am now the owner of several cute fashion pieces that were definitely a bang for my buck!

After starting up my blog and connecting with other fashion bloggers via Instagram I saw people raving about SheIn, a one-stop online shop that offers stylish clothing and accessories for every occasion.

I started reading online reviews and came up with the conclusion that this shop has gained sort of a negative rep. Many complained of long shipping times, lost items, inaccurate sizing, and the quality of the products. So I decided to see for myself.

I downloaded the app, which is actually very user friendly and most of the items contained multiple reviews that included photos so you could see what the product actually looks like being worn. I ended up placing a lot of items in my wishlist because the styles on their are so chic and modern for such a great deal! Finally, I decided to place an order for black knee-cut-out jeans, a graphic print tee, and a striped trim V-neck top. All of these items had totaled up to $31 altogether (standard shipping is also FREE if you’re in the United States… Score!). That counts as a steal in my book!

Now came the worst part of online shopping: waiting for my pieces to arrive. I’ll be honest I was expecting a very long turnaround time since they were being shipped from Asia. But just as their shipping policy promised I received all of my items intact and on time (only a week after my purchase!).

So let me be the one to rid of these myths about SheIn! Each item fit me like a glove, the quality was similar to what you’d find at most retailers, and the shipping was quick and even a day earlier than what was estimated!

I can’t promise you that you’ll receive the same experience I was given but I would recommend that you try it out for yourself! Who knows. You might discover that this is your new favorite go-to shop as well!

Let me know what your favorite online shop is!




We’re One Month Old!

It has officially been a month since I started my fashion/lifestyle blogging venture!!! And I must say that it’s been such a fun and eye opening experience! In my naïve, pre-blogging stages I didn’t realize that it is more like a full-time job. I thought that this creative outlet was just that: a creative outlet. Little did I  know that blogging is actually about creating a brand and a business! So here I was… thinking that I would just throw some outfits together and post about them on a weekly basis. But now I’m finding myself (and my inner ‘girl boss’) pitching to boutiques and creative professionals, researching marketing strategies, and collaborating with other fashion bloggers. I’ve loved every second of it! And I’m pretty sure I missed my calling as an entrepreneur (never too late though!).

So in this first month I’ve collaborated with multiple boutiques, grown my brand following, and joined Style Collective, an online community of fashion/lifestyle bloggers that have provided amazing resources! The blogging and fashion community is such a tight knit group that strives to eliminate competition and is so focused on working together to create a powerful impact on its followers. I’ve also noticed that most of these businesses and creative professionals are working to not only bring you the latest styles and trends but to also use their influence to help the community as well!

The fashion magazine, The Volk, is one of these companies that uses their brand to raise money and awareness for the Allina Mental Health facilities. And… You are currently looking at one of their newest fashion journalists!!!! I was approached earlier this week by fashion editor-in-chief, Meghanlee, to join The Volk and provide information on the latest and greatest styles of the season! I cannot wait to expand my horizons and be a part of something so big! I’ve been following The Volk for the past few years when I was dabbling in modeling (I know, I’ve literally done everything) and their work has skyrocketed to becoming some of the best that I’ve seen! So of course, I had to jump at this opportunity!

All in all, this first month has been crazy but I’m just getting started! Thank you to those that have been following my work and supporting me!!!!



New Boutique Alert!

Ever since I’ve started up my blog I’ve had the chance to discover so many stylish and original boutiques! I love that many of the clothing pieces that are sold at these shops can’t be found anywhere else. Also it’s great to know that your money is going towards small businesses and creative professionals that rely solely on you in order for them to continue their fabulous work!

This week I’m raving about SoTaupe Boutique! Their clothing and accessories are edgy and make some serious statements!

Currently I’m loving my clear lens round glasses from SoTaupe! I remember back in middle school I was mortified to learn that I needed glasses. I only wore them when I needed to out of fear of being dubbed ‘four eyes’ and I presented the idea of contacts to my parents every day for the next five years until they caved. Who knew that glasses would become my favorite fashion accessory?!

Whenever I pair these glasses with my ‘GIRL BOSS’ tank from SoTaupe I feel like I can rule the world. I’ve noticed in my short time as a blogger that blogging is a full time job and it really is like running a business and being your own ‘boss’! I love the strength and empowerment that I’ve found in blogging and in meeting others with the same passion. Every girl needs a ‘GIRL BOSS’ shirt whether you really do oversee a business/brand or not. Because we all have dreams that we’re trying to reach and the work we put in to that dream every day is means enough to be recognized.

So… Are you looking for the latest power statement piece to add to your closet? Check out SoTaupe Boutique’s website here!



Chic Tees 

Most people that know me know that I used to never want to be caught in a t-shirt but lately they’ve been forcing themselves on me with their cute designs and flattering cuts.

What I’m really excited about this week are my new tees from Sassy Queen. They’re comfy, cute, and give off just the right amount of attitude. I’m always really hesitant to rock tops with wording or sayings but these tees are everything a fashionista needs in her closet. The thing I  love most about Sassy Queen is that their tops can be worn in different ways. Wear it casually with jeans and wedges or dress it up with pearls and pumps (which is hard to pull off with most t-shirts!).

If you’re looking for the perfect versatile piece to add to your closet check out some more of Sassy Queen’s tees here!